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Thermoplastic material enriched with carbon powder and natural rubber tread: top of lightness, maximum grip also during descents.

It is our system of ventilation with large air intakes to breathe your feet: the lower brings fresh air inside the sole, the side guarantee the replacement.

New construction plywood: allows to couple light microfibre large mesh inserts welded, to the thickness of a conventional single-layer. The result: greater comfort and less weight.

The asymmetrical construction is another innovation of the collection. The central strap is moved toward the center, so as to follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce pressure on the lateral area of ??the foot, an area very sensitive to pressure. The strap have been lightened from all superfluous elements, presenting thinner than the central areas discharged, by maintaining a secure grip.

Guaranteed safety in low visibility. Products High Visibility Northwave is an advisable option for both intelligent and when you move in the chaotic city traffic, both when drive along country roads often poorly lit. Drivers of cars and trucks will be able to immediately realize the presence of the cyclist and maintain proper safety distance. The use of High Visibility garments Northwave is thus ideal complement to the vest approved reflective strips, known as mandatory by law from a half hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise in the roads, and during the day when riding galleries or tunnels.

The new buildings monocoque uppers have allowed to integrate an effective retention system of the heel inside the structure, without the need of external elements. As effective, less weight.

Reinforcements in the upper microinjected: to protect your feet from shocks caused by branches and stones that are on the tracks.

Ergonomic design: because the pedals when you have to keep the ideal set, but without sacrificing comfort.


SOLES: Jaws carbon reinforced
UPPER: Ultralight PU
UPPER CONSTRUCTION: Multilayer Thermowelded + Airflow system
LOCKING SYSTEM: 3 strap asymmetrical
TALLONE: Integrated Heel System
INSOLE: Advanced Performance
TECH: Reinforcements welded PU
TECH: 355gr