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Assos Goomah G.733 Frameset Product Code: S3-13464

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The brand new GOOMAH G.733 is the successor of the G.731. This is the one and only official ASSOS racing bike, the ultimate ASSOS rider ASSOSoire. The g733 is a custom-made joint development venture between ASSOS centro studio, équipe exploit and the swiss carbon frame engineering group, GOOMAH. if you appreciate the ultimate in performance or seek exclusivity (only 1113 hand-made pieces) then this frame is for you. And it is the only way to enjoy a fully integrated ASSOS experience.

The DNA of ASSOS is the racing bike. Without the racing bike we would not be doing what we do. It is our raison d'être. The racing bike and the will to win inspired ASSOS to create the very first carbon fibre cycling frame and, as a consequence of that creation, the very first Lycra® (only by DuPont) cycling shorts. The racing bike is why it all happened.


For your total comfort in the saddle, apparel is more important than the bike. In this sense, the bike is a detail, but a fundamentally important one. Every recent ASSOS product has been developed on a Goomah. There is no better set up for an ASSOS rider than riding an authentic Goomah, unless of course you have geometry issues or are hopelessly in love with your current bike. There are very, very good bicycles on the market, no doubt. We have ridden them all. But there is only one "ONE AND ONLY".


The G733 uses three different strengths of high modulus carbon fibre. This means the frame is not made with the same carbon modulus all over. Instead, depending on the area, it features adjustments to strength and stiffness to minimize unnecessary weight and micro shocks, all in pursuit of total comfort and security. We believe that producing a super-rigid frame without providing a comfortable ride is useless, unless your discipline is the 1-km sprint.

_ NEW monobloque BB - CS unitCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW frame setup tech: asymmetric power balance compensator. The left-rear-end of the frame is calibrated to be stiffer than the right. This compensates for the torsional flex that a one-sided powertrain generates under maximum force.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW matrix surface mapping incorporating 3K carbon fibres (high degree of premium carbon quality) combined with stiffer UD composite, allows the frame to follow the road with great precision even in extreme high speed downhill rides.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW BB386 EVO bottom bracket. The future standard. Even more torsional strength, optimized center of gravity, less weight, more direct maximum power transfer.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW inside cabling: For aero correctness and a clean, quality look. Also, the cabling route has been re-designed to flatten the path for smoother, faster and more precise shifting.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW separate seat tube for more comfort and versatility. Goomah supplies original top-of-the-line FSA K-Force carbon seatpost (199 g).CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW fully integrated MEC and electronic (DI2 and EPS) compatible with the latest generation provides an esthetically correct aero solution.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW CNC alloy seat clamp.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW fork: 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 329 g, + / - 7.5% tolerance.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW frame: weight 793 g, size M, + / - 7.5% tolerance.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)
_ NEW size: XS - S - M - L - XL: We added a size. Braze on front derailleur, gives a professional, quality finish