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Maxxis - Detonator 26"

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Rock'N'Roll Chain Lube - Gold Brand: ROCK N ROLL Product Code: MARLs-433

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This chain lube moved the 21st century closer to the 22nd century.
Drive-trains look like they just came out of the box. The well known
smoothness and quietness that Rock 'N' Roll Lubes are known all over
the world for, just went to a new level.  This outstanding lube
scored very high in a March 2013 VeloNews lab test showing that Rock N
Roll Gold can make you faster by reducing chain friction compared to
other common chain lubes.

Available in 120ml or 480ml bottles. The 120ml bottles can be
purchased in display boxes containing 12.

Many riders ask, "What is the difference between the Extreme, Absolute
Dry, and the Gold?" The Extreme is for mountain bikes. Absolute Dry is
for the road bikes. The Gold is for both mountain and road bikes.


Shake well until the settled solids on the bottom have disappeared
and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette.
Do not drip the lube on like you would oil. This is not oil!
Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one.
Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 less.
Wipe off all the excess lube... all of it, wipe the chain as clean as
it will get.
That's it go ride...