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Showers Pass VelEau 1.2L Bike Hydration System & T Product Code: S3-2065

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Why carry water on your back when you can carry it on your bike. The VelEau system carries 1.2L behind your seat and acts as a tool bag as well. The drinking system has a 700mm magnetic cord that retracts the drinking tube back to your stem

Holds 1.2L of water & .5L of tool/tube space

Aerodynamic & keeps fluid cooler then bottles or backpacks

The system fits securely under the saddle & has 2 retractable magnetic reels that returns the drinking tube to the stem

System includes bag, bottle, 120cm tube & bite valve, reels & fitting kit. NB The bite valve is anti spill

Fits to both road & MTB bikes

Avoids having to wear a sweaty hydration back pack & lets your bike carry the water - Not you

Ideal for touring, Triathlon, Multisport & Road

Developed by Showers Pass USA

Also available - Water bottle, Cleaning set & spare magnetic reels