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Enervit Sport Gel Brand: ENERVIT Product Code: S3-7242

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Enervitene Sport Gel is a specific and highly effective product that can satisfy the needs of active sportsmen, in endurance and team races, before and during physical activity.


Enervitene Sport Gel guarantees immediate energy, without increasing glycemiac levels and without causing reactive hypoglycemia. It contains fructose, maltodextrins, glucose and vitamins.The addition of B.C.A.A. improves muscular tone and reduces the sense of fatigue.


Vitamins are those ones necessary to produce energy.


Fructose, maltodextrins and glucose constitute an explosive mix of carbohydrates, the best one for sports.


Branched Chain amino-acids reduce the sensation of exertion, improve muscular efficiency and are immediately metabolised, without passing through the liver.


Easy to use during physical activity, it is available in a practical monodose mini-pack. Available in lemon, cola and orange flavour. Also Citrus with Caffeine and new for summer is RASPBERRY with CAFFEINE!