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Fizik Kurve Chameleon Saddle Product Code: S3-6553

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Top Features of the Fizik Kurve Chameleon Saddle with Alloy Mobius Rails

The ability to flex your spine may vary with your fitness level.

Wingflex sides allows free thigh movement
Reflex base technology
Rails: 7x9mm Oval Alloy Mobius Rail
Size: 278 x 144mm
Weight: 220g

Weight (g): 220
Length (mm): 278
Rail Material: Alloy Mobius Rail
Width (mm): 144

Saddle comfort is usually given by the shape and foam on top of the base. With Kurve the comfort is given by the base and the surrounding elements. Kurve is formed from four elements; Re:Flex, Wing Flex™, Mobius Rail, Tuner

RE:FLEX: Re:Flex constructed base of all Kurve saddles, are sensory receptors, responding the body's every twist and turn. The Re:Flex construction is made around thermoplastic composite materials which are layered to provide superior support and comfo