DT Swiss SwissStop Black Prince Carbon Pads

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SwissStop is the distinguished leader in brake pad technology.

The Black Prince offers improved carbon fibre braking performance over their esteemed predecessor, The Yellow King. The pads feature enhanced modulation, decreased stopping distance in wet conditions, and superior heat dissipation. The Black Prince has gained popularity among the PROs for lending better lever feel and overall braking performance.

They were used extensively by many team riders during the 2012 Tour de France, including Fabian Cancellara. SwissStop's Black Prince has improved upon the performance of the Yellow King in a variety of fronts.

The Black Prince pad features more linear brake modulation. This means that braking power is no longer diminished at the end of the brake lever pull. Significant gains have also been made in wet weather stopping power.

SwissStop claims a 26% decrease in wet weather stopping distance over the Yellow King. Lastly, the new Black Prince compound features a 44% reduction in max. pad temperatures. The improved heat dissipation results in more consistent stopping distances and power.

Additional information: Compatibility: FlashPro: Shimano, SRAM, eeBrake RacePro: Campagnolo (10 or 11 speed), and Zero Gravity Weight: RacePro 31g (set of 4)

Ideal use: Training and racing with carbon fibre rims