Shimano Di2 R610 Remote Sprinter Shifters

Shifters & Levers | Product Code: SHIM-153473

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One of the driving forces behind the electronic shifting concept is the ability to place buttons in places that are impossible with conventional cable and housing systems.

Designed to be mounted in the drop section underneath the handlebar tape, the Shimano Di2 Remote Switch SW-R610 can also be placed in other locations.

When placed in the drops, however, it allows you to make gear changes when climbing or cheating wind. A small hole can be cut into the bar tape so the shifter tabs are accessible.


  • Right shifter - shift down the cassette
  • Left shifter - shift up the cassette
  • Quick rear shifting while in the drops
  • Locate anywhere on the handlebar
  • Plugs into the second port of the Di2 levers, and cannot be used in conjunction with TT shifters.
  • The Shimano Di2 SW-R610 Remote Switch is not backwards compatible with the Dura-Ace 7970 Di2 derailleurs or wire kits.


weight 10g (Pair)
series DURA-ACE 9070 Series
model SW-R610
compatibility Is compatible with 6870, and 9070 Di2 systems.


Weight 10g (Pair)
Series DURA-ACE 9070 Series
Model SW-R610
Compatibility Is compatible with 6870, and 9070 Di2 systems.