Wellgo Toe Strap Pedals

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Suitable for road bikes or Duathlons where you don't want to use cleated cycling shoes


  • 9/16'' steel spindle on alloy body - Wellgo model LU209 
  • Weight 464 gm's a pair
  • Strap can be adjusted or removed as required
  • Black plastic toe clip with adjustable nylon strap and metal buckle
  • NB Front of pedal has 2 raised alloy lips
  • Reflectors on back of pedal
  • Spare straps & clips also available as well as a 15mm pedal wrench

TOE2512 Large Black plastic toe piece with Nylon straps, screws, plates and reflectors for attaching to pedals

TOE2514 Small - Medium Toe piece only with screws & plates for attaching to pedals

TOE2517 Nylon toe straps only

PED5724 Road pedal incorporating toe clip & straps on 9/16'' spindle


weight 464g


Weight 464g