Shimano BR-M555 Disc Brake Pads 1 Pair

Brake Pads | Product Code: SHIM-164270

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Replacement pads and springs for Shimano® disc brakes. The resin compound is quiet and generates less heat than metal pads, and offers more progressive stopping power (no sudden braking).

Resin does have a shorter lifespan than metal, especially under wet conditions. Compatible with LX BR-M555 disc brake calipers. Comes with 1 left and 1 right pad for 1 set of brakes. To replace both front and rear brakes, you will require 2 sets of these brake pads

Resin Brake Pads

  • Much quieter than metal brake pads, the Softer material allows the brake to be quieter.
  • Great for dry conditions where you don't need to worry about getting mud or water everywhere
  • Will give you more initial bite.


compatibility BR-M555, BR-C901


Compatibility BR-M555, BR-C901