Nalini Sole Women's SS Jersey

Jersey | Product Code: S3-15462

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Comfort-fit jersey with hydrophilic treatment

  • Anatomical sleeve cut 
  • moisture wicking sweat insert on collar 
  • 3 back pockets 
  • fit: race 
  • fabric: hot moa light

Hot Moa fabrics are distinguished by high breathability and lightweight. They keep the body cool and dry both by extreme hot and milder weather. Elastic yarns grant optimal fitting and pleasant softness. Hot Moa fabrics are realised in 3 versions depending on weight, treatments and membranes.


Thanks to this treatment, the moisture generated through normal transpiration is quickly conveyed away, instead of being absorbed by the garment. The optimized synthetic fibre carries out constant evaporation and more effective heat exchange. The result is a sensation of freshness on the skin. Such breathable treatment resists to gentle washing, by keeping itself unchanged over time.