Assos hL.607 s5 Tights No Pad

Leg Warmers | Product Code: S3-10805

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hL.607 is part of the new ASSOS_S5 Generation of ASSOS tights for cooler conditions. The hL.607 is tailored to perfectly fit the human body when tucked in the cycling position. A particularly ingenious detail of our long tights is the knee design, which grew from the experience of thousands of kilometers in the saddle and our expertise in pattern design. The result is good, really good: pleating in this critical area is minimized, reducing friction and skin irritation that can be caused by cycling movements. We introduced this characteristic seven years ago with RX.LL. It is now perfected with hL.607. ASSOS — often imitated, never duplicated.

IMPORTANT: For maximum comfort and enjoyment, you must wear your correct size. The hL.607 works only if it fits perfectly in the cycling position. Shorts, knickers and tights must fit skin-tight, as crease-free as possible. If in doubt, please select one size smaller