Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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ZIPP 404 FIRECREST CARBON CLINCHERS Naturally, we chose to launch our groundbreaking Firecrest® and Carbon Clincher designs with our most versatile wheelset, the 404. Its 58 mm rim depth is a classic all-around performer that has carried athletes to victory in every kind of event – triathlons, criteriums, breakaways, field sprints and even Grand Tour mountain stages. In fact, our first full-carbon clincher wheelset, the 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher, has been described as the most heavily anticipated wheelset of all time. And following two years of development for its revolutionary rim shape and carbon technology, we’re confident that the 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher lives up to the hype. The 404 Firecrest features the the 88/188 hubset, with a 7.5mm-wider bearing stance in the rear hub, and a driveside hub canted by 2 degrees for improved stiffness and reliability. The venerable wheelset is available in two decal options, the stealthy Beyond Black or the distinctive Classic White decals. Both decal options feature black anodized hubs, black spokes and black nipples. SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: Front (700g) Rear (825g) Wheelset (1525g) Rim Used: X58 Rim Width: 27.5mm Rim Depth: 58mm Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Front: 16 / Radial / 244mm Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear: 20 / Cross 246mm NDS / Radial 232mm RD Front Hub: 88 Rear Hub: 188 ABLC Dimples: Yes 11-Speed Compatible Hub: Yes External Nipples: Yes Colour: Beyo