Zipp 808 Carbon Clincher Firecrest Wheels

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The all-new Zipp 808 Carbon Clincher employs a radical new aerodynamic rim profile, dubbed Firecrest™. Not only is the Firecrest profile more aerodynamic than any other rim design, it improves stability and handling in crosswinds, wheel strength and the overall ride quality.

With a wheelset weight of only 1795 grams, the new Zipp 808 Carbon Clincher with its Firecrest rim design is the fastest deep-section carbon clincher on the market. For triathletes and road racers seeking superior aero performance, exceptional handling and the convenience of clinchers, there is no faster all-around wheelset than the 808 Carbon Clinchers.

New for 2014 is the latest iteration of our 188 rear hubs, the V9, along with a new spoke-lacing pattern for the rear wheel - refinements that result in improved stiffness and durability. The new hub was developed in cooperation of superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish.

The 188/V9 hub has larger precision Swiss steel bearings for increased durability. Our new “virtual 3 cross” lacing on both sides of rear wheel improves stiffness, achieving 3 cross stiffness in a 2 cross pattern with a new spoke geometry. The 188/V9 has 25 percent more torsional stiffness than a leading competitive hub. This measure of stiffness is crucial for the direct power transfer to the rear wheel for out-of-the saddle sprints and climbs.

The new hub also is laterally (side-to-side) stiffer that its rival or predecessor.


  • Weight: Front (815g) Rear (980g) Wheelset (1795g)
  • Max Recommended Rider Weight: 250 lbs/110kg
  • Rim Width: 27.5mm
  • Rim Depth: 82mm
  • Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Front: 18 / Radial / 224mm
  • Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear: 24 / 2-Cross 230mm NDS / 2-Cross 228mm RDS
  • Front Hub: 88
  • Rear Hub: 188/V9
  • Colour: Black 


weight Front (815g) Rear (980g) Wheelset (1795g)
max recommended rider weight 250 lbs/110kg
rim width 27.5mm
rim depth 82mm
spoke count/pattern/length front 18 / Radial / 224mm
spoke count/pattern/length rear 24 / 2-Cross 230mm NDS / 2-Cross 228mm RDS
front hub 88
rear hub 188/V9
colour Black


Weight Front (815g) Rear (980g) Wheelset (1795g)
Max recommended rider weight 250 lbs/110kg
Rim Width 27.5mm
Rim depth 82mm
Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Front 18 / Radial / 224mm
Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear 24 / 2-Cross 230mm NDS / 2-Cross 228mm RDS