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Maxxis - Advantage 26" Brand: MAXXIS Product Code: MARLs-895

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Alison Dunlap designed the ADvantage as a high volume aggressive cross
country tire that corners great on big side-knobs. It also climbs and
brakes with authority thanks to the opposing parallelogram center
tread design. Ramped center knobs keep rolling resistance minimal and
the wide lug spacing sheds mud easily.

LUST, UST certified tubeless tyres, 15% lighter, better air
retention, and increased sidewall puncture resistance.
SINGLE PLY, one layer of nylon Wrapped from bead to bead, a single
ply tyre conforms well to the terrain and is lighter weight.
EXCEPTION SERIES, combines a 120 TPI casing and 62a compound to
provide lightweight and exceptional traction, ideal for racing.
60A MAXXPRO, great traction yet minimal impact on tread life, Maxxis
standard compound.
70A, long tread life and low rolling resistance.