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Tacx Blue Matic Cycletrainer Product Code: S3-6372

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The Blue Matic is the intermediate model of the Blue cycletrainers. Its maximum resistance is 700 Watt. The Blue Matic has a magnetic brake with permanent-magnets. You set the resistance selecting one of the ten different positions via the handlebar resistance lever. During your training session the resistance increases as you cycle faster or switch to a heavier setting. The robust frame stands firmly on the ground and it is very user friendly because the trainer can be assembled in no time at all.

The trainer has a simplified mounting system, which makes it easy and quick to assemble. A tool set for small and big wheels is no longer needed: even 29er MTB wheels do fit (only in combination with the Tacx T1397 Trainer Tyre 29erx1.25).

Magnetic brake with resistance - Blue Motion

The Blue Matic's magnetic brake consists of two disc with permanent magnets in each. With the 10 position handlebar mounted resistance lever you can change the position of the magnets in relation to each other in the brake unit. While training the resistance increases when you cycle harder and/or in a heavier mode. The maximum resistance is 700 Watt.


Handlebar resistance lever - 10 positions
Blue frame with solid back legs
Universal fit for wheels with diameter 600mm to 710mm
Easy to assemble brake system
Brake system with 8 permanant magnets and 1kg flywheel
Maximum resistance - 700 Watt