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Ergonomic, powerful and compact Servo-Wave XTR hydraulic disc brake lever is performance optimized with full adjustability on the fly Features: Short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism with SIL-TEC coated roller for a quick, smooth pad engagement and more power for aggressive riding Excellent clearance at the caliper has enabled Shimano to use a short stroke Servo-Wave mechanism. As the brake lever is pulled a cam linkage enables rapid pad to rotor engagement, at the point of contact the cam moves across multiplying the leverage ratio and increasing the stopping power Adjustable free stroke enables you to fine tune the amount of lever pull before pad and rotor engagement Easy access no tools lever reach adjustment dial for custom lever feel and position Lightweight, strong and durable forged alloy one piece body is also rigid under hard braking loads Forged alloy short 14mm wide brake lever with textured finish for optimum strength, grip and reliability Ergonomic pivot position for efficient and powerful braking follows a natural pulling arc Integrated inline barrel master reservoir with easy bleed port Mineral oil brake fluid Hinged clamp for quick installation I-spec-II compatible