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Josh Worsey

Rotorua Assistant Manager

I moved to New Zealand in January 2016. I got lucky and applied for job at Evo in Tauranga. I was originally on a working holiday but I got help from Evo Cycles to extend my visa and stay in New Zealand - it was something that I really wanted to do since I’ve enjoyed my time here so much. Being able to stay a little bit longer was perfect for me.

Day to day tasks for me at Evo Cycles include dealing with customers, ordering stock, making sure the day to day running is going to smoothly, answering and responding to emails and building the odd bike.

I’m lucky to work with a team of good guys here which makes living away from home and being a long way from family and stuff easy. Here at Evo Cycles I find the work culture to be great. We all play a part of a big team but above all we’re good friends. We ride together, we do hangout which helps things function well at work but also outside of work we have a good life as well.

For me the big pros of living in NZ are the ability to go mountain biking in a world class environment only an hour away, the great lifestyle and you’ve got a really good work life balance - I find it much better than it was in the UK and parts of Europe.

NZ compared to where I’m from in the UK is considerably warmer, here at the Mount anyway. It’s a much better climate and for me personally the things I enjoy doing - mountain biking, surfing - it offers me a lot more than in the UK and it’s one of the big reasons as to why I’ve ended up staying so long.

Anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand - don’t hesitate. It’s a great country with beautiful places to go riding, do anything that you like in the outdoors. Evo Cycles is a great place to work - I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would definitely do it all again.

Luke Norris

Christchurch Manager

I have been working with Evo Cycles for almost 4 years now, I started in our Pukekohe showroom not long after it opened. 2 years ago I was offered the opportunity to open and run our Christchurch showroom.

My role involves managing the 14 staff we have here in the Christchurch showroom, working with suppliers and staff to stock the showroom with great products we are passionate about. I also enjoy spending time on the retail floor when possible, working with local customers who we are building a great reputation with.

Evo Cycles has an awesome staff culture, we enjoy being here and work hard to put our mark on the company within our showroom, I think that is why everyone works so well together. There is an open line of communication across all showrooms which provides great comradery but also support when needed, even from a showroom at the other end of the country.

The opportunities I have been given at Evo Cycles are invaluable. The first year in Christchurch had its challenges, but I always had the support and encouragement I needed to work through it and believe I have become a much better manager because of it. I have been given the freedom to develop the showroom in my own way and have learnt a lot in the process.

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