Interest Free Finance Information

As long as you pay the full amount before the end of the term you will pay no interest.* Minimum monthly payments are required by all of our finance providers and vary for each transaction. Please see full terms below for details on minimum payments.

Q Mastercard / Q Card

  • Up to 36 Months Interest Free on purchases over $300**
  • 3 months no payments and no interest^ on all purchases with Q Mastercard or Q Card at checkout
  • If you have an existing Q Mastercard or Q Card, simply choose this option for payment at checkout and choose your interest free option at the Q Card Portal.

I would like to apply for a Q Mastercard.

I already have an existing Q Card or Q Mastercard.

Gem Visa or Gem Creditline

  • 36 Months Interest-Free on all purchases over $750 + when you contact us.
  • Gem Visa: 6 months Interest Free on orders over $250 when you choose Gem at checkout.
  • Gem Creditline: 120 days interest free on orders over $100 when you choose Gem at checkout.

Have an existing Gem Visa or Gem Creditline and want 36 Months Interest Free?

Want 6 months (Gem) or 120 days (Gem Creditline) interest free? Just choose Gem at checkout.


  • 12 Months Interest Free Finance with 36 months to pay.
  • No minimum spend.
  • A good option for those with limited credit history.
  • Personal Loan

Have an existing Gem Visa or Gem Creditline and want 36 Months Interest Free?


How do I apply for finance?
Simply choose the Apply Now button above for the finance provider you wish to apply through.

How do I use my existing Q Mastercard, QCard, Gem Visa or Gem Creditline?
Simply choose your card at checkout or contact us for long term Gem / Gem Creditline finance. When you place you order you will be redirected to the QCard portal to choose the interest free option you would like for your purchase.

Who does Evo Cycles use for finance?
We offer finance through Q Mastercard/Qcard, Gem Visa/Gem CreditLine and Finance Now.

How does finance work in-store?
Our sales team can help you with your finance application in-store. Just let them know what you're after and they'll work out a great deal for you!

What are the terms on interest free finance?
Terms vary for each individual Finance contract. Please see the Terms & Conditions above for each finance provider.


Call us on 0800 424 537 or email us now

*All Finance deals are carried out between the customer and the finance providers.
Evolution Cycles acts as a facilitator between the two parties. All from per week payments indicated on products are only indications of the lowest amount payable per week for the principal amount borrowed and do not account for annual account fees that are charged by finance companies.