Basil Urban Load Double Bag 53L

Frame Bag | Product Code: MARLs-5606

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The Basil Urban Load Double Bag is a modern bike bag for the city dwellers among us. It is spacious, organised and flexible, and can handle a rain shower or two thanks to the water-repellent tarpaulin. The folding closure also prevents rain entry. Come rain, come sunshine, you just get on the bike and ride to the office, supermarket or gym.

The 53-litre capacity allows you to transport groceries, clothes or personal belongings. It can be adapted to its load with the adjustable buckles and, when empty, can be made smaller thanks to the flexible sides. This way your bike will take up less space when parked up.

The Urban Load is equipped with the Basil Universal Bridge System making it compatible with all sorts of carrier racks (also e-bikes) and can be combined with multiple systems such as Racktime and i-Rack/Carrymore. In the evening, visibility is improved thanks to reflective details on both sides of the bag. 


  • Reflective details provide improved visibility
  • Compatible with systems like Racktime, i-Rack and Carrymore
  • Made of water-repellent material and can handle light/moderate rain 
  • Size can be reduced thanks to the pliable sides
  • Closure by adjustable buckles allows you to carry plenty of belongings


dimensions 41cm x 18cm x 46cm (External Dimension)
model Rear Bicycle Bag
double or singlebag Double
suitable for E-Bikes, City bikes, Trekking bikes
material Tarpaulin / Polyester
colour Black/ Black, Grey/Gold
system Basil Universal Bridge System
closure main compartment Buckles, water repellent closure
laptop compartment No
side pockets No
front pockets Yes
waterproof Water-repellent
fasteners compatible Yes
handle Yes
carrying capacity 10kg total (5kg per bag)
inner pocket Yes
usage Luggage Carrier


DIMENSIONS 41cm x 18cm x 46cm (External Dimension)
Model Rear Bicycle Bag
Double or Singlebag Double
Suitable for E-Bikes, City bikes, Trekking bikes
Material Tarpaulin / Polyester
COLOUR Black/ Black, Grey/Gold
SYSTEM Basil Universal Bridge System
Closure main compartment Buckles, water repellent closure
Laptop Compartment No
Side Pockets No
Front Pockets Yes
Waterproof Water-repellent
Fasteners Compatible Yes
Carrying Capacity 10kg total (5kg per bag)
Inner Pocket Yes
Usage Luggage Carrier